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Membership Fees

Fees for 2019/20 are set out below :-

There is an initial 'New Member' joining fee of £20 (this is to be paid in addition of the annual membership fee by all new joiners or members whose membership has lapsed by more than one month) 

  DMHC 2019/20 Membership Fee

 Joining between

Jan 1st to Mar 31st .......£90

Apr 1st to Jun 30th .......£85

Jul 1st to Sep 30th .......£80

Oct 1st to Dec 31st .......£75

 We are a BMFA affiliated club.

Please remember to include with your membership application form either your BMFA membership number or to include a further cheque made out to 'DMHC' for your BMFA membership.

BMFA fees can be found here

Insurance will be required before being allowed to fly.