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OS 91 HZ-R Conversion Kit

OS 91 HZ-R Conversion Kit


OS has just released the conversion kit to change any OS 91 HZ or Align 91 H motor to a pressurized system. For those of you familiar with James O'Neal's OMI Cline Regulator, this is OS's version of it. 

In the box comes 3 components- a new backplate, a one way check valve, and the actual carb itself.  Install these components per the manual and set the needles to 2.5 turns on the high end, and 1 turn on the midrange needle.  These settings are quite conservative, so you may need to go in a bit to get the desired mixture. 

What this system allows is for the fuel tank to be pressurized during the entire flight, allowing a more reliable and more powerful setup.  I have been flying this unit since last August and it has been 100% trouble free.  Just set the needles and forget about it.  Even when the system is rich, it still makes unreal power. 

Also, since your system is now pressurized, you dont have to worry about your fuel magnet/ fuel line getting corroded from the dirty exhaust gases found in systems using muffler pressure.

Overall, this is an awesome investment for the guys who don't want to fiddle with needles all the time, and would also like to gain some power :) Well worth it!