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New OS55 HZ

OS 55 HZ Hyper Heli Engine OS 15630, Brand New in Box with complete packaging.

This is the O.S. Max .55 HZ Ring Hyper Helicopter Engine with Hyper Cooling Head and 40L Carburetor.

Best suited for 3D flight! Amazing power equal to 60 size engine changes the common knowledge of the 50 size helicopter engines! It can be installed in the 50 size helicopter without modification due to the same mounting bolt pattern and silencer installing size as the 50SX-H Hyper. New rear bearing is employed for improved anti-rusting, higher durability and more stable high speed running. Newly designed 40L carburetor features twin needle.

The "MAX-55 HZ RING Hyper" brings you even higher performance to flying in 50 class helicopter. This new designed engine will give you more power.



  • Ideal for 3D flight-power equal to .60 size heli engines
  • Ideal for use in any 50 class helicopter
  • major internal parts are newly designed pursuing the best performance required for the 50 size helicopters.
  • Same mounting bolt pattern and silencer size as the OS 50SX-H Hyper
  • Dual needle 40L carburetor with four arm throttle lever for use with a variety of servo brands


  • One O.S. Max .55 HZ Helicopter Engine with Hyper Cooling Head
  • 40L carburetor
  • #8 glow plug
  • English instruction manual


Output: 2.1ps/17,000 RPM
Practical RPM Range: 2,000-20,000 RPM
Displacement: 8.93cc / 0.55cu.in
Bore: 23mm / 0.91 in
Stroke: 21.51mm / 0.85in
Weight: 408g / 14.39oz